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That Miss Katie is one of the hottest milfs on onlyfans is not in doubt. No one disputes that. She also happens to be one of the most sought after celebrities on the internet. You only need to look at not just her sex appeal but also her work ethic to fully appreciate what makes her unique. She is in simple words, a milf in a class of her own. So, what exactly does it take to grab attention? Is there really anything you can say to her have her listen to what you have to say? How do you even begin? As you’re about to find out, it is easier than you think. All you need to do is consider the following tips.

Become Loyal

Don’t mind about the millions of her other followers. The goal is to stand out and have her notice you. One of the easiest ways to go about it is to simply become loyal. That is, follow her keenly. You don’t have to follow her on all her social media accounts. She happens to active on Twitter and slightly on Facebook. Choose which of the two social media platforms are convenient for you. You can alternatively, follow her on both social media platforms.

Be there for each content she shares, each tweet she puts out there or each video she uploads. You don’t have to comment on everything she says. Comment once or twice. Don’t stop there. Make sure you don’t ever say anything mean.

Match Her Energy

One look at Miss Katie and you can easily tell she is a naughty milf. She is in fact, considered by many of her followers as one of the naughtiest mature onlyfans models. Strangely, not so many of her fans can match her energy. She is what many people like to describe as ‘savage level model’. Matching her energy is not easy but it is certainly doable.

First off, you need to have a one on one with Miss Katie. That means you have to pay for her private onlyfans sessions. Think of it as your golden chance to make an impression. You could be a little tensed and anxious, which is alright. Eyes on the prize though. She says something naughty, you say something naughty as well. She dares you to say or do something naughty, you dare her as well. On and on until either of you taps out.

Tip Her

Tipping milfs on onlyfans is simple. The tip button is actually always a click away. You already know how to go about it. The general rule applies on the adult site too. You receive good services you tip. A model makes your day, you tip. She makes you have a good time? Yeah, tip. It is a kind gesture. One that quickly sends the message that you appreciate how well you have been served.

Make no mistake here. You don’t tip because you have been asked to. Tipping is and should always be on your own accord. More importantly, you shouldn’t ask an onlyfans milf whether or not you should tip them.  You just do it. In Miss Katie’s case, she is one of the richest as well as the one of the best mature onlyfans models you’ll ever come across. You’ll like her professionalism as much as you’ll love her sex appeal. For these reasons alone, you should consider tipping her.

Comment On Her Content

Not so long ago, celebrities and their fans didn’t have a platform that brought them together. There was a rift between them with art being the only connecting factor. Art in this case means any craft that puts a public figure on the map. Then social media happened and everything changed. Fans cough give their favourite celebrities feedback by commenting on their content. We’re now at a stage where celebrities can have full-blown, back and forth conversations with their followers. Take advantage of that. Let Miss Katie know in the comments section what you think about her craft. Like already mentioned though, you should only give positive feedback.

Complement Her

The whole world already knows Miss Katie is pretty. Does this mean though you can’t tell her as much? Not at all! Miss Katie is human after all. She’ll appreciate, as she always does, that a fan has something nice to say about her.

The best way to go about complementing Miss Katie is to mention something unique. Something specific. If you’re lucky enough to be on her live, private chats, mention a video of hers that you like. More importantly, let her know one thing in the video that you liked. You can take things a notch higher and complement her on something specific about her body. Don’t make it a cliché – mention something like how her waist turns you on as she teases you. Anything unique here should get you going.

Be Bold And Daring

You probably don’t know what it means to be star-struck until it happens to you.  And yeah, it’ll happen the moment you talk to Miss Katie for the first time. You’ll quickly notice though that she is simple and laid back. You’ll also notice of course, that she is stunning. All these attributes shouldn’t scare you. Be bold. Be daring too. Have a conversation with her. Ask her one or two things about her work. You don’t and shouldn’t get personal. If you must have a light chat, ask her what her typical day is like and what it involves. Then make your move. Ask her what it’d take to ask her out. You never know. Miss Katie being Miss Katie, she could say yes! In which case you’ll be a legend amongst your peers.

Be A Gentleman

There’s a wide misconception when it comes to flirting with women that only the rude get to grab their attention. Well, they do grab their attention but only for the wrong reasons. Be a gentleman. Forget about what people say about nice guys finishing last. You can be a gentleman and naughty at the same time. That is in fact, what you should do with Miss Katie.

Being a gentleman means you don’t get to say whatever you want just because you’re paying for her services. It means saying the right things in the right way and with the right tone. It means you don’t insult. You don’t get to mention anything about race, religion or even age. You know the drill here. If it sounds offensive, then it is offensive and you shouldn’t say or do it.

Now you may not know this yet but there actually happens to be a shortage of gentlemen. Men who say what they mean…and mean what they say. Undertake to tip her then tip her. And yeah, this isn’t just limited to tipping but so many other life aspects as well. Like keeping time for instance. You don’t want to keep her waiting online for you because you away for flimsy reasons.

Be Naughty

Miss Katie will call you pet names. That’s something not so many milf onlyfans models do, so consider yourself lucky. It could be ‘handsome’, ‘sexy’, king’, ‘prince’ or even ‘dimples’. This often sets the tone for bringing out the naughty. Call her pet names too. She’ll at some point, strip tease you all while maintaining eye contact. This doesn’t happen every day, so count yourself lucky. Do something naughty too. Notably, Miss Katie will never ask you or force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. You don’t have to get naked or say something you’re not comfortable with. Respond calmly, and be naught too. Wink if you have to…use hand gestures if you have to…anything to grab her attention all while remaining respectful.

Look Nice…and Organized

This is important. You certainly don’t want to have a messy background or noise all over. If you’re on private chat, then by all means look nice and stay organized. Ensure too that there’s some good light in your room. She has to see you well just as much as you have to see her well. Once you’re organized and have things up and running, she’ll quickly notice that. As strange as it sounds, not so many of her fans stay organized during live her live chat sessions. Some get distracted midway while some choose to become unresponsive. This often gives Katie a hard time though she hardly ever shows it as she remains calm throughout the session all while enjoying herself. Choose to be different. Engage her through the session and she’ll certainly notice you well enough to start calling you by name.


It costs nothing. Smile as much as you can as you interact with Miss Katie. It shows you’re enjoying yourself. It also makes you look good. You’re there to have fun. The best way to start that kind of fun is by putting on a happy face. Smile heartily…from your heart.

Wrap Up

Miss Katie is arguably the most popular as well as the most successful models on onlyfans. She enjoys a massive following. That doesn’t mean though that she is beyond your reach. Try any of the aforementioned tips and she’ll certainly notice you. You never know…a coffee date could be in the offing.

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