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You never thought it would happen. Guess what though – it is happening. You’ve fallen in love with a cougar. You don’t know how it happened but it did happen. You look back in a bid to figure out the hows and the whys – you’re not so sure. You suspect your sudden knack for older women has something to do with Miss Katie – the only onlyfans cougar you follow. You’re right. It happens to pretty much many people who follow her. She has a way of making you see cougars in a different way. Eventually, you begin to love cougars and yeah…want to date them.

It so happens that Miss Katie actually has a blueprint for dating older women. She asserts that having been in the dating scene for a while, she’s seen enough to know where, how and why people get cougars wrong. Her advice is that it all boils down to very simple yet thoughtful factors. Her blueprint is simple yet effective…

Age Is Just But A Number – Ignore The Age Difference

The age factor will always be there. It is the elephant in the room you’ll grapple with before you eventually admit that you’re in love with a milf. It should never be an issue though. Think about it this way – you hardly ever think about the age of the mature onlyfans cougars you follow. All you know is that they are sexy. Sure, you at first noticed the age factor. As time goes on though, you hardly ever think about their age. It is the same thing when you’re dating a cougar.

The rule here is simple. Just don’t bring up the age factor. Unless it comes from her, you really shouldn’t bring it up. She may want to know if you’re okay with the age gap, which is fine. In many cases, the concern is usually on her part. She’ll want to know if you’re okay dating or hanging out with a cougar. Reassure her that you’re okay with the age gap then just never bring it up at all.

Be Assertive

Know what you want. You may have been in it initially for ‘just a good time’. You liked going out for dinner, parties and pretty much everything in between. Somewhere along the way, you liked her. You fell in love. Let her know this – in black and white – without flinching.

Older women like it when you’re assertive and direct to the point. They want to be with a person who understand what they want and aren’t afraid to say it. Have a candid talk on what you want from her and what you expect from her. That way, you won’t waste each other’s time.

Don’t Be A Jerk – Be Mature

Take time to observe milfs on onlyfans. You’ll quickly notice that while they are naughty and playful, they are also mature. You see it in the way they talk, act and carry themselves. You get the sense that their lives have a certain trajectory and a sense of direction. It therefore makes a lot of sense to incorporate that sense of direction into your life as well.

Don’t just act mature for the sake of impressing your milf prospect. Be mature. Note that being mature isn’t an instant thing. It may take you a while to learn this. That’s exactly why you also need to be teachable. You’ll at some point act in a certain way. You may say certain things too that exude immaturity. She’ll quickly point out such flaws. Part of being mature is admitting you may have gone a little overboard with something. Apologize, learn from that mistake and move on.

Flow With The Ebb – Don’t Try Too Much

This is very important. Be natural. Be yourself. Don’t try too much to impress her. She’ll notice you’re trying too much and could very easily drop her interest. Part of effective charming is to be really who you are. If you’re into a certain genre of music for instance, stick to it. You don’t have to force yourself into liking the genre she likes. In any case, there could be a huge generational gap between you two. That means it may be hard for both of your to like the same works of art. You can in fact, make fun in a respectful way of the genre she likes.

Keep Your Word

Don’t say one thing now and another the next minute. That is the hallmark of not just immaturity but also emotional manipulation. Keep your word – say what you mean and by all means, mean what you say. If you undertake to meet for dinner, show up on time. Sure, there are instances when you may have to cancel plans because of unavoidable circumstances. Let her know this on time then find a way to make up for it.

It is important to note here that many people end up parting ways with their milf prospects because of lying. Now the thing with lying is that you can never be consistent. It is also very easy sometimes for the person you’re lying to see through your lies. Think about it this way. You’re dealing with a milf. She’s certainly seen it all, done it all. She’s been with men before who lied to her big time. More than you could ever lie. She’s learnt the hard way. So yeah, she can sniff lies from a mile away and drop you like a hot potato.

Give Her Space

She’ll want her space every once in a while. There’s nothing wrong about that. Give it to her. It is a healthy thing to do. You don’t have to follow each other everywhere. Keep in mind that she is a cougar. But she is also a woman. At some point, just like it is the case with many women, she may have moments where she just wants to be left alone. It is normal. It happens to men too. Give her that space.

Never Judge

No one is perfect. It is a cliché you may hear over and over but it true. There are things you may discover about her past – things that may awe you or shock you. Either way, don’t judge. More importantly, don’t bring up stuff from her past.

Be Confident

Women like confident men for reasons they can’t explain. Part of the reason here could be that confidence makes things easy. Talking to a confident person isn’t just easy. It is also fun. You don’t struggle to explain yourself. You also don’t ever have to deal with trying to figure out from hints what the other person is saying. Milfs like it when you’re over the moon with confidence. So by all means, exude confidence. Maintain that eye contact when you’re taking. Don’t let your voice shake too. Hug her tight….you know the drill here.

Spoil Her Once In A While

Pretty much self-explanatory. Spoil her. Take her out, buy her flowers, buy her jewellery….you already know the little things that make ladies jiggle. Once in a while, treat her to those things. She isn’t an alien. She’s human – a woman no less, complete with feelings. Treat her like the queen she is.

Study Her To Understand Her

Take your time to understand her. Know what she’s into. Understand who she behaves a certain way. Understand too why she can’t certain things or certain people. Get a few hints here from onlyfans milf models.

Wrap Up

Hanging out with a milf isn’t as hard as you may have been made to believe. If anything, it is fun and exciting. You only need to know how to treat her. The aforementioned tips will greatly help you in that endeavour. The tips are failure proof. They are after all, from one of the most respected milfs on onlyfans. 

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