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For ages, the art of seduction has always involved men doing certain things in a bid to charm and woo their female counterparts. Flowers have reigned supreme for centuries. Then civilization kicked in and the game went a notch higher – take her out for a romantic date. On and on the game goes – chocolates, diamonds, paid vacations and even cars are all examples of things men use to woo women. They are all grand gestures and in many cases, they all send a strong message that one is interested in a prospect. But what happens where a prospect isn’t keen on such grand gestures?

It is important to note that the modern woman is extremely empowered. The dating or rather flirting scene is longer skewed to her disadvantage. She can take herself out, buy herself flowers and yeah, that car too! That’s exactly the case with Miss Katie – aptly described by many as one of the sexiest milfs on onlyfans. She finds no pleasure in huge and grand gestures. She’s known as a simple, laid back model. Those close to know have noted that simple things grab her attention more compared to grand gestures. So yeah, if you wanna impress her as you have a one on one on onlyfans, keep your gestures as simple as possible. Here’s a simple list subtle things Miss Katie finds extremely sexy.


You may have already noticed that Miss Katie is one of the most confident onlyfans milf. You see it in the way she performs her art and even in the way she talks. She likes it when her prospect is just as confident as her or even more. She points out that’s she finds confidence extremely sexy mostly because it makes her work very easy. For every confident person she meets in her line of duty, all she needs to do is maintain eye contact. Conversations then flow with ease because confident people know how to express themselves. They say what they feel without flinching. This, according to Miss Katie, makes her feel and eventually get attracted to the confident lot as opposed to their less confident, timid counterparts.


At 40, it goes almost without saying that Miss Katie doesn’t have time for games. Sure, she’s into cheeky guys. But that only happens to be on a ‘once in a while’ basis. There’s nothing wrong with that because you really can’t be serious and stone faced all the time. A little cheekiness here and there keeps you lively and feeling much younger. Generally though, Miss Katie finds maturity sexy. This is actually one of the main reasons why she known as the most mature onlyfans model on the internet. This then begs the question, how exactly should one behave so as to exude a mature character before Miss Katie?

The secret really is in the little things you do. Don’t for instance, crack rude and insensitive jokes against Miss Katie and other models on onlyfans. Be quick to apologize and even more importantly, never argue. By all means, avoid polarizing and divisive topics like race and religion.


Intelligence is and will always be sexy. Notably, intelligent isn’t limited to just what you know. It’s in how you carry yourself too. How you talk and yeah, how you treat others too. Miss Katie has always maintained that she often finds it very hard to say no to intelligent guys. She notes that they are not just easy to talk to but also fun to talk to.

It is easy to understand why Katie is into intelligent guys. More often than not, intelligent people leave you better than they found you. You learn something new every time you talk to them. At the very least, you appreciate a different point view of things you may have had a certain bias on or a solid position on.


Any onlyfans cougar you come across will tell you for a fact that grooming is part and parcel of seduction. Only smart men know this which is why they always dress the part whenever they want to create a good first impression. Miss Katie is no exception, she’s into well groomed men too.

Notably, grooming isn’t all about dressing in expensive attire. Far from it, it is all about dressing simply but in a respectful way. For instance, you shouldn’t put on a shirt with racist expletives. It is also not a smart idea to show up for a video chat shirtless. Keep it simple if you have to go casual. Sure, things may get steamy, forcing you to lose that shirt. Let it happen ‘naturally’ though.


You look better and sexier when you smile. What’s more, happiness is contagious. So yeah, smile. It doesn’t just create a good impression. It sends a message across the board – that you appreciate the person you’re talking to and that you’re having a good time.

You’ll actually notice even in your everyday conversations that the more you smile as you talk the more the conversation you’re in gets enjoyable. There’s a reason why models smile more and more when promoting products. The idea behind smiling is to create a ‘feel good’ mode.

With Miss Katie, you can never go wrong each time you open your private chat with a smile. Because guess what! Miss Katie is very good at reciprocating the energy you exude. Smile, and she’ll smile as she engages you in a conversation. Don’t smile and….she’ll go out of her way to cheer you up. Having been in the industry for years, she knows for sure you could’ve had a rough day at work. The best she can do is lighten up the mood to lift your spirit. Only the best of the best mature onlyfans models do this so to speak.


Your milf onlyfans escapes will always be boring if you’re sense of humour is way below average. Be funny, be lively. Make Miss Katie smile or better yet, make her laugh. You don’t have to be a comedian to do all these. All it takes is a little confidence.

Be sure to be as respectful as possible with the jokes you crack with Miss Katie. Like already said, avoid anything along race, religion and politics. These happen to be extremely sensitive social issues that can very easily take a nosedive. You may err, which is fine. Be quick to apologize. Such mishaps shouldn’t worry you though. Miss Katie will be quick to politely point out that you’ve erred so you can easily make amends and proceed with your session.

There are so many things you can and should talk about. Go online, find the craziest yet the most respectful jokes on milfs. See what fits the occasion and tweak the jokes a little so they fit the occasion. You can for instance, find the naughtiest yet funny pick-up lines for milfs and see how Miss Katie will react to the jokes.

Wrap Up

Miss Katie is without a doubt a star. She’s human too. That means there are things that turn her on – things you can do to grab her attention. Lucky for you because Miss Katie doesn’t demand much. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to spend anything on her. Much of what you have to do boil down to how you behave around her. With that in mind, put your best foot down. You may be a little nervous at first but that’s fine. Katie will make you relax with ease so you can both have a good time.

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