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You’ve been on dates before that weren’t fun at all. You’ve also been on dates before that lived up to your expectations. The different is usually in little details like sense of humour or even the date venue. Now flip such experiences onto online platforms like onlyfans where just like it is the case with conventional dating, you can have both good and bad experiences.

Notably, you can reduce your chances of bad experiences on onlyfans simply by sticking to respected models. That’s exactly where Miss Katie comes into the picture. For starters, she is one of the most popular mature onlyfans models. She’s rich and sexy too. Much has and will always be said about her. When all is said and done though, she hardly ever disappoints. In simple words, she guarantees, value for money.

You may have already noticed that Miss Katie has millions of followers on her different social media platforms. It is in fact, safe to conclude that Miss Katie is already a brand. So, how exactly does she manage to entertain her clients?  Well, she does mostly because she is talented. She also happens to be very organized…and you can actually tell you’re having a good time with her. Here’s how.

Time Seems To Move So Fast

You log in to your session with Miss Katie. All you want to do is have fun with her for just 30 seconds. Before you know it though, your session is over. It’s almost as if you’ve been there for just a minute. You wonder why your session ended so fast. It then occurs to you that you’ve been online with Miss Katie for 30 minutes. Probably even more.

Here’s the thing with many milfs on onlyfans. Your sessions with them will always seem short. That’s because you’re having a good time. On the contrary, time will always seem to drag anytime you’re watching a boring model. In some cases, you won’t even wait for your session to end. This can’t ever happen with Miss Katie. Every minute counts…and yeah, your session will feel like it lasted for just a minute. That’ll happen because you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget to look at your watch.

She’s Laughing At Your Jokes

She’s on a live webcam. She looks so sexy and serious at the same time. You have a small chat to break the ice. Midway through the session, you both have an awkward moment of silence. You then crack a joke and she actually laughs. That alone, is by far one of the surest signs that you’re having a good time with Miss Katie.

You may wonder if cracking a joke while on a live session is something you should do. Truth is, it all depends. Note though that even in life generally, a good sense of humour will always give you a huge plus when flirting with a prospect. So yeah, go ahead and crack that joke. Be sure to be respectful too.

You Connect On Social Media

One of the many reasons people like Miss Katie is how easily she connects with her fans. For a person with more than a millions fans across different social media cites, it goes without saying that yes, she is a celebrity. She hardly ever behaves like one. She freely interacts with her fans. She also responds to DMs. This alone, sets her apart from her counterparts.

Katie is known to connect with many of her fans with so much ease. For many of her avid followers, this is not new. She’ll keep in touch sometimes just to say hi. She reacts to tweets and facebook posts as well. This gives an impression that she doesn’t fancy the glam many celebrities seem to enjoy. For Katie, it is always the simple things that matter. Going through her tweets and posts on social media, it is easy to tell that Katie enjoys connecting with her fans and keeping the connections genuine for as long as possible.

You Want More And More

There are so many onlyfans cougar models you can watch and just leave it at that. It’s not that their performance is bad. It’s just that you enjoyed it enough not feel the urge to watch more. With Katie though, you’ll want to watch her in action over and over. This happens to many of her fans. Strangely, she sometimes agrees to entertain her fans beyond the agreed or set limit. The only catch here is to be her regular fan. Stay consistent for as long as possible and she’ll surely notice you. The next time you’re logging in for a session, she’ll remember you by name and add that extra minute or two.

It is normal for many of Katie’s fans to log into their sessions and spend more. This happens quite a lot. You only need to be keen on your spending. For each session you log in, you have to pay. Time moves so fast too. Your best bet is to be moderate on your spending as you also watch time.  There’ll be tomorrow and days beyond after all.

You’re Learning New Stuff

Here’s the thing with mature onlyfans models – they’ll always teach you something new. Something that’ll baffle you. Katie’s not an exception. If anything, you’ll actually learn more from her than from many other models on the platform.

It is easy to understand why there’s always something to learn from milfs on onlyfans. First off, there’s the fact that the models are advanced in age. Many of them are in their mid and late forties. Some are way beyond forty. It doesn’t really matter how old they are. Truth is, they know more about life and sex than you do. One look at you and they can almost always immediately tell you’re still an amateur in bed or you are an expert. It’s not that they are cutting you to size, it’s just that they are good judges of character which is a good thing because they can then decide how well they can entertain you.

You’re Becoming A MILF Aficionado

Spend hours everyday watching Miss Katie and other mature onlyfans models and you’ll certainly become a MILF expert. You can actually still become an expert just by watching Katie alone. Over time, you’ll develop a unique preference for older, mature women.

Developing that soft spot for Katie and other milfs can actually happen within days. Surprisingly, the preference doesn’t always happen because of just sex. So many other factors come into play. It is in the way the milfs talk, how they carry themselves and even the things they say as they entertain you. In a nutshell, milfs are in so many ways different from their younger counterparts. Such contrast makes it easy for people to side with one faction over the other. As it stands and because of mature onlyfans models like Miss Katie, the masses seem to prefer milfs to younger models.

You Don’t Mind Tipping

This will most likely happen with Miss Katie, so brace yourself. You’ll have a good time so much that you won’t mind tipping. Be sure to be courteous on how you go about it though. Let her know that you’re sending her tip!

Wrap Up

Having a good time on onlyfans usually depends on the model you choose to go for. Choose Miss Katie and you can be certain you’ll enjoy yourself to the max. You may not even notice time moving so fast. She’s simply so good at what she does, time seems to standby in awe of her art.

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