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It’s Saturday afternoon. You’ve gathered together with your group of friends just to have fun. There isn’t much to look forward to that afternoon. There’s no football or soccer to watch, no girls to call over for fun and yeah, you had been partying the night before. The most you can do is sit around goofing, trying to kill time. Then an idea crosses your mind – Miss Katie. She’s one of the sexiest milfs on onlyfans. From what you hear, she also loves groupies like yours. You float the idea and everyone in the room likes it. There’s a problem though. You’ve never done this before so you have no idea if there are rules you should stick to. Relax, the rules are easy. There’s no learning curve too. The rules are all hinged on logic.

Be Organized

You’ll be watching Miss Katie in action as a group. The least you can do in a bid to enjoy yourselves is stay organized. You all want to watch and listen to her so by all means, make sure your sitting arrangement makes it easy for you to watch what she does without blocking each other.

To make your watch party simple and fun, project her onto a big screen. If that’s not possible, take turns to watch her. The last thing you want here is to appear disorganized. You may not know it but milfs love it when their partners, prospects and anyone they’re dealing with appears organized. Now nothing exudes maturity like an organized mind. Katie is not an exception. One of the easiest ways to impress her is to simply exude maturity.

Be Audible

This is more of a convenient tip rather than a rule. Be audible. You surely want to hear what Katie’s is saying. She also wants to hear what you’re saying. In that regard, be audible. Switch on your microphone. And like already said, don’t talk over each other. Remember you don’t have to be too loud. If you’re on your own, a headset will suffice.

By all means, don’t play music in the background. It may sound like a good idea but it isn’t. That’s because she’ll have a hard time hearing you. You on the other hand, will have a hard time concentrating.

Be Respectful

This doesn’t just apply to Miss Katie but to any onlyfans cougar you’ll ever come across. Be respectful. Note that respect here applies to not just what you say but also how you conduct yourself throughout the session. Don’t make rude gestures or even show up for Katie’s session in a t-shirt printed with expletives. As much as Katie is naughty and all that, understand that there’s a thick line between being naughty and being down for anything offensive.

You’ll quickly notice that Katie is very respectful. She’ll be quick to apologize anytime she notices she said or did something you don’t like. She is pretending. That’s just how she is. Yet again, being respectful, whether you’re on your own or with your groupie is another easy way to have Miss Katie notice you.


Everyone says that chivalry is dead. If you’re keen though, you’ll notice that only the young say this. Many milfs still believe that chivalry isn’t dead. What? You don’t know what chivalry is? Well, it is in a nutshell, the art of being a gentleman. Yes, you read that right – it is an art. It takes time to develop and nurture it to an extent where it just comes out naturally.

Once you’re all set to watch Katie, put your best foot forward. Sure you may have one or two characters in your groupie getting out of line and misbehaving. That’s expected. Set ground rules that if Katie ever complains about one of you, the person gets kicked out of the watch party or they at least apologize. Set a ground rule too that if any of you impresses Katie so much with chivalry, they don’t get to contribute a cent to Katie’s fees.

The goal here is to have Katie notice your groupie with ease. Notably, it all boils down to very simple things. Call her all the nice pet names you can think of – you know, sweetheart and the like. Say thank you and yes, complement her.


Many milfs on onlyfans like it when they’re tipped. Who doesn’t like money? Now tipping even the best mature onlyfans may not be what you’re used to. More often than not, you get to tip at the end of the session. What many people don’t know though is the fact that you can tip Katie midway through your session. Now Katie being Katie, she’ll acknowledge your tip immediately she receives it. She’ll in fact, call you out by name.

Be Fun

Don’t be boring. Picture yourself as Katie trying to entertain a group of 4 boys or eve more. You’re doing all you can to have fun. You’re actually enjoying yourself. The boys on the other hand, are cold. There are just staring. No one is saying anything. It’s almost as if they are frozen.

Imagine this too. You’re entertaining a groupie that won’t just get enough of you. They’re cheering you on, tipping you every other minute, they’re complementing you too. You don’t even realize time’s running. The session ends but they don’t want you to leave. They in fact, offer to pay you more. You can’t help but love the lads.

Of the two aforementioned groups, you’ll most likely remember the fun group. That’s exactly how it should be. Be fun. Make Katie remember you for all the right reasons. The goal here is to ensure you’re both having a good time. It shouldn’t be just her having the time of her life as you guys watch.


It’s good to appreciate when someone goes out of their way to make you feel good. It feels even better when you acknowledge that effort in a unique way. You can of course, tip as already mentioned. More importantly though tip as you complement with express words. Say something like, ‘We just want appreciate one of the sexiest milfs on onlyfans we know of. Our boy here Pete never gets enough of you. He has in fact your giant posters all over his house. Jason on the other hand has your wallpapers on his phone and laptop’

Notice too that Katie is naturally beautiful. Pretty much everything in her body stands out from her hair and skin to her eyes and even figure. She is just phenomenal and special in so many ways. Be sure to mention her beauty and complement her in a special way.

Wrap Up

Watching Miss Katie on set doing what she does best with your friends sounds like fun. Well, it is fun! Lots of fun so to speak. There are rules though that can come in handy. They are rules that are hard to observe in any way. If anything, they are rules that are pretty much drenched in logic. As long as you remain respectful, everything should be fine as you watch Katie with your friends. And yeah, by all means tip her. You don’t have to part away with so much but just enough to let her know you appreciate her.

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